Matcher makes amateur footballers feel like the real deal.

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Schedule matches

Set a date, time and venue,
and you're good to go.

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Customize teams

Set name, colors and kit layout
for each team.

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Invite players

Send out invitations to other players,
even if they don't have a Matcher account.

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Rate other players

Rate users you've played
with or against.

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Set match scores

Share the score with other players,
or broadcast it to the whole world.

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Add and manage venues

Add your favorite spots,
or find new ones near you.

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Check player performance

See how you and every other
player is doing.

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Glance at match history

Go back in time to reminisce
of previous matches.

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...and a lot more.

Plenty of goodness for amateur
footballers inside. Sign up for beta.

We'll be opening up public beta testing soon.
Please keep checking back...